About Vox Populi Network
Vox Populi Network offers products and services of the highest quality, and has, through its expertise, positioned itself as a leader in the field of personal growth in Quebec. Since its inception in 1994, Vox Populi strives to continually offer leading edge information to its continually evolving customers, at an affordable price. It is our heartfelt desire to satisfy each customer by offering products and services of excellent value at an ethical price. Today, thanks to our vast network of 6,000 mail and 35,000 email subscribers, we offer a wide array of events (over 250 annually) to an ever expanding audience.
Key products and services offered Mission
  • Organize and coordinate bilingual conferences, workshops, seminars, films and spiritual retreats of the highest caliber for all age groups in Quebec to encourage the blossoming of healthy cross-cultural communities.

  • Promote and create awareness for emerging Quebec, American and European authors.

  • Publish books in the realms of psychology, health,
    wellness and consciousness.

  • Design and sell targeted audiovisual products.

  • Provide personalized digital advertising.
Vox Populi Network's mission is to promote artists and speakers (renown and budding) and to highlight and underline their talents and creativity for the benefit of the community. Vox Populi is a new genre of social network: we promote the meeting of minds through sharing emerging thoughts, trends and profound wisdom, without direct association with any spiritual organization or movement. Thus, with the greatest equanimity, we strive to showcase the newest glimpses of mass consciousness while adhering to our resource and resourcing role.

Conscious of being at the vital crossroads in Quebec’s personal growth field, Vox Populi Network is constantly on the lookout for new ideas, and works to provide a range of famous writers, artists, therapists of avant-garde, international guests and scholars from all backgrounds. In their own way, these speakers, healers and artists expose a diversity of views in the realms of psychology, philosophy, spirituality, health, knowledge of cultures and social action. These events are intended to echo several key life-defining questions about the meaning and purpose of life, and our role in today's world - making Vox Populi Network an indispensable enlightenment tool today.
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